Graeme Jones

Over the last thirteen years Graeme has gathered a unique education working in medicine, fitness, rehabilitation, clinical research and nutrition. His passion is understanding how our lifestyle, behaviour and genetics can influence our physical and mental health. Graeme works in an evidence based method using scientific tests to help construct unique strategies for his clients, whatever their health or pain challenge. These strategies involve changes to how people eat, think, move, sleep, manage stress and their lifestyle in general.

Prior to moving to Sweden he ran one of the largest preventative medical units for Nuffield Hospitals in the UK where he directed a team of doctors and physiologists dedicated to helping people understand their risk of disease and more importantly, what they could do to prevent it. After leaving this role Graeme went on to work with London’s leading rehabilitation specialists at the Bowskill Clinic and worked with a number of Europe’s leading neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons, pain management specialists, psychologists and physical therapists. During this time he also worked for The London General Practice (private based GP practice) at the London Clinic and was a consultant for AXA PPP en av Storbritanniens största försäkringsbolag och har även samarbetat med ett antal stora företagsorganisationer som till exempel IBM, JP Morgan Chase och ExxonMobil.

Graeme also consults for Nordic Laboratories based in Denmark, and the Parasitology Centre Inc based in Arizona, US. Part of the support teams, he helps medical and other practitioners working with functional medicine and nutrition to understand test results. Hans intensiva kliniska utbildning gjorde det möjligt för honom att samarbeta med många läkare, konsulter och fysiologer där han gjorde flera djupgående avancerade medicinska bedömningar. Graeme arbetar också med ett antal professionella golfare i European Tour, och med svenska elithockeyspelare med att stötta och förbättra deras hälsa och maximera deras prestationer. He also provides education UK PGA professionals about how nutrition can impact golf performance.


  • PhD Student Kingston University, London
  • BA (Hons) Sport Health and Exercise, Durham University
  • Dip Health and Wellbeing Physiology
  • Dip Nutrigenomics American College of Sports Medicine
  • HFI Nutrionist (Näringsfysiolog)