DNA Testing

Your DNA does not change, but how it can be expressed is a different matter. The study of nutrigenomics (the interaction of our nutrition with how our genes are turned on and off) is the future of providing individuals with better nutritional advice. Although only providing one part of the picture, it is none the less an important part.

By looking at your DNA this can tell you what rules you need to follow for the healthiest lifestyle for you, how to lower your risk of pain and inflammation, and where you can possibly get into trouble with your health in the future. Should you eat more B vitamins? Should you eat a vegetarian diet? Do you need less saturated fat? Do you need higher levels of antioxidants?

I use 4 different genetic tests to help find out answers about you:

DNA Health (2300kr). This is the best starting test to use in most cases as it looks at different areas of your genetics that can influence your heart health, detoxification, DNA repair, inflammation, weight gain, bone health and more.

DNA Diet (1900kr). If you need to loose more than 5kg of weight, are having trouble maintaining a weight you are happy with, or for athletes that need to keep their weight as low as possible for specific events, then this is for you.

DNA Oestrogen (1900kr). Mainly for women, especially with family history of oestrogen dominant cancers such as breast cancer.

DNA Sport (1900kr). For elite athletes or those that train hard, or those that have recurring injuries and chronic pain. All DNA tests take 40 seconds to complete and results take roughly 2 weeks. Chat to me more about what would be the best test for you.